Sunday, October 30, 2011

age vs. fashion what's the deal with that?

Age and fashion, that's something we've seen splattered on every cover of every magazine.
have you ever wondered when it was that we realized we gotta tweak our wardrobe to be age appropriate? What do you think influences that start to change our wardrobes? and so I thought maybe today I'll wear sumthin I wouldn't just came to mind when I was staring at my wardrobe.....

blouse: topshop / hat: tokyo seibu / pants: honeys / shoes: prada 

Friday, October 28, 2011

put on them SOX!

When I was in Vancouver, I noticed that socks aren't really that important to an outfit.....but over in Japan, they are sooo crucial that there are stores dedicated to selling JUST socks! The socks at these stores are made specifically to compliment your shoes/heels!
Currently, one of my fav. type of socks are knee-highs! It gives an outfit a more casual look even if you wear a mini skirt because the socks covers just enough leg to call it tasteful!

Thought maybe I could start off a trend to the peeps in Vancouver? haha only if I were that famous! 

This whole outfit was actually bought at H&M!!! the striped sweater, the pink/white blouse underneath and the suede/cotton mini tube skirt....
but the socks......well they are from JAPAN!!!