Thursday, March 31, 2011

scarf on a sunny day? only if it's IKAT!

OH mister SUN, SUN, mister Golden Sun, Please shine down on me <3 
finally some sunshine in beautiful British Columbia~!!  now let me put on my SCARF!!!! yup that's rite!
cause, I have BEEN DYING to WEAR my new IKAT SCARF from H&M! and I can finally bring some EXOTIC to my outfit without raising an eyebrow!

Tribal, folkloric and boho styles are starting to trickle into stores, and I snatched up the last ikat scarf at my local H&M store.

I gotta admit, I wasn't sure how I was going to rock this scarf, because truth be told, it has only been recently that I've dove deep into wearing colors. Hey, I know what your thinking, but I gotta good reason, I'm a make-up artist and black was my red, blue and yellow!

But after rummaging through my wardrobe I found hidden in the back of my closet old pieces of clothing that just went together with my ikat scarf. Don't you just LOVE IT when that happens? old pieces become brand new! so here is my new fav. outfit, def. for the summer, when it becomes hot, just throw on shorts instead but no matter how hot, THE IKAT STAYS!!!!

top: twik from simone / sheer blouse, jeans and IKAT SCARF: H&M / purse: balenciaga /
 heels: Micheal Kors

I haven't seen many ikat/tribal pattern stuff around, anyone found any that were cute??? let me know!!!

"we are shaped and fashioned by what we love" ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


a relatively new eye make-up product from them! (you can get this at holt renfrew in several different colors!!!)
I got the color "noka 8" which is like a pearl pink!
This product is amazing, it is in between a loose eye shimmer powder and a cream eye shadow!
The great thing is that it's a great eye base for other eyeshadow colors, and it prevents creasing! FOR REAL! but you can just wear this alone and it just makes your eyes DAZZLE!! 
I practically use this everyday, along with my nars eyeshadow, for someone who has a hard time blending colors on their eye lids, the shimmer in this product practically does the job for you!

So I'm gonna start with smoothing the giorgio armani silk eyeshadow all over my whole lid!

then I put Nars "kalahari" duo eyeshadow the purple side all over my lid  then I take my Nars "bengali" eye shadow and use it like an eye-liner (this product is so pigmented that with an angle brush it can act like a liner)

 then connect the top liner onto the bottom ( my eye shape is rather round so I'm going to only do it on the corner of my eyes to elongate my eye)

I take the bengali and make a "V" shape to out line the crease on my eye

 it can be hard edge at first because we will take the eyes to kill silk shadow to blend it.

taking the eyes to kill and slowly blending the hard edge away....

 yay~ put some mascara on, and you are good to go!!! ( oh ya I filled in my brows a bit)

*** you can blend more of the hard edge, but since I don't really have a prominent crease, I like to define them.


Just have fun! 

"it is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing" ~ author unknown 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

modernized parachute pants = Harem pants?

I know, I know Harem pants have been around for a while now, and it had its big break last year.....but till recently I had called them modernized parachute pants...because it was obvious that the original template for these so called Harem pants were the parachute pants from the late 70's! but google saved me from potential embarrassment and taught me that it wasn't called that anymore.....getting back on topic!! I was super iffy on them for the longest time....a.) cause I'm a bit wide on the lower half of my body and I didn't want to accentuate the unflattering parts of myself and b.) last year when it first hit the stores in Canada, I was a bit chicken to start the trend reason stated in "a.)", even though it had already made its debut in asia and the states long ago. but I was totally in the closet about how much I loved these pants! how it pairs up with absolutely every colored blazer and with the right outfit, gives off this elegant look that I'm obsessed with! so since last year I have been going to many, many, MANY stores and trying on gazillion pairs of different shaped Harem BUT always had no just DID NOT WORK....AND JUST when I was going to GIVE UP.....couple days ago, I went into H & M and found one. I tried it on practically with my eyes closed and peaking through one eye to look at myself in the mirror....that was how nervous I was.....(all those failed attempts to find the perfect Harem pant had scared me)  BUT to my SURPRISE it didn't look too shabby, and for $30, I was SOLD! but after doing this shoot, maybe it was the pants or how it fit on me but I couldn't help but think, no matter how much they claim they modernized the style of these so called "Harem pants" I think in my mind it will always be parachute pants....... 

Nonetheless! I put together an outfit with these Harem Pants:

blazer: Smythe / top: Zara / freshwater pearls: gift from China / HAREM PANTS :) H & M / shoes: Luxury Rebel from holts / bag: miu miu

NOW my question IS, was it hard for you guys to find the perfect HAREM PANTS?

"to select well among old things, is almost equal to inventing new ones" ~ Nicholas Charles Trublet

Thursday, March 24, 2011

are your GORGEOUS heels KILLING YOU? I found a solution!

my feet are pulsating with PAIN as we speak! OH MY, DO THEY FRIGGIN HURT! 9 hrs of work on heels (make-up artist gig) and I forgot to bring a change of flats........ by the end of my shift it felt like I was walking on SHARDS of GLASS!!! my walk was like a mixture of waddling, tip-toeing and shuffling......come to think of it I musta looked REALLY strange........BUT hey, anything to relieve the pain....SERIOUSLY ladies, what we do for beauty............a whole new level of power I tell ya!  
but it was really unbearable.... AND THEN I WAS SAVED......THERE HE WAS.......
my savior, near the cash register at H & M for $15!
He was fold-able, rubber soled and cotton fabric soft!
YEUP you guessed it, they were ON-THE-GO-FLATS

as you can see, they are really bendy, so you can tuck them in a small pouch (that comes with the flats)
and throw them in your purse when you wear heels!!! SUPER handy-dandy!

when you put em on, you would NEVER guess they are a pair of $15 flats!

CUTE cute CUTE cute CUTE!!!

and off I went comfortably to the bus stop *SMILE*
but I actually first saw these at SHOPPERS DRUG MART, by Dr. Scholl`s, called "fast flats" and they look like this, it is slightly more expensive then the H & M ones but you can get a $2 off coupon on facebook page called "Dr. Scholl's for Her". They look like this:
They have a commercial that advertises these guys on their facebook page! and it is pretty convincing, you get suckered into it!
BUT you gotta admit they are not as cute as the H & M ones (oh ya I forgot to mention they have various patterns)

P.S. one question that came to mind after watching that ad clip was......after changing to "fast flats" where do you put your heels? HMMM...... what do you guys think?

"the ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success" ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oversized Tees on the sales rack! THAT is where it's AT!!

        Who doesn't like the sale rack/table at ur favori shop? actually it is a luv hate kinda thing, I know because for me at least I browse and on countless occasions I find myself luv'n sumthin, BUT it's a size or two or even THREE too big for me. *whimper* but I found this tee, that I couldn't let go and it dawned on me...uhh what are the trends these days? over-sized everything (tastefully! no frumpy business plz) and though this method (that I will show you now) won't apply for every style, it sure did in this case....and you ask why? 
take a look :

here we have a cute tee, that can easily match well with leggings or some skinnies

but did you know this tee is actually from:
and a size:

that's rite, I got an XL tee it in the sale rack for $10 at american eagle, who knew AE still had it!
but some key pointers to watch out for! you can't just get any ordinary not-ur-size-Tee! You can only get away with it IF it has a "V" neck, just cause then the attention goes there instead of the seaming on the shoulders that shows it ain't actually your size! (wear a cute bando if ur a bit busty, but if not the low cut "V" looks very euro-chic)
ALSO! try to find tees that have only design and no logos and minimal writing, best when it looks vintage and a bit rugged.


fedora: talula / top : AE and F21 sweater vest / jeggings: H&M / booties: one*way (japanese brand) / bag: balenciaga / bracelet: Jacob / sunnies: gucci

"fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions" ~ Coco Chanel

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

opposite colors? YAY or NAY?

grey eternity scarf : Japan / cashmere cardi : talula / silk top : holts / jeans : h&m / pumps: micheal kors / clutch : YSL / bangles : aldo

Being a student, I dress like a bum practically everyday, so it makes me happy dressing up over the weekend to go out, and esp. when it's starting to get warm outside, new outfits pop up in my head~!
SOoOOOo I wanted to make a new outfit without really buying anything new.....after some thought......
my first outfit inspiration came from my YSL clutch!
It is my fav color of all time, PURPLE
and what is the opposite color of purple?

and conveniently I have some yellow Micheal Kors pumps to go with it!

and so here it is, a simple outfit I put together! It is cute, warm and pretty casual!
but take the cardi off and u got urself a pretty chic, out-on-the-town on a saturday night outfit :)

"the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" ~ Walter Bagehot

hey..why not?

during my procrastination hours, I was surfing the net and noticed that everyone these days have blogs! so why shouldn't I start one?
and ever since forever, I have always loved the beauty and fashion industry! working in various fashion spots around town, I've learned a thing or two and thought why not share em?

I'd like to gradually vamp up this blog with beauty tips, reviews on make-up/hair products, my fashion styles and just some interesting kibitz on whats happening around town!!

hope you can learn a thing or two here cause sharing is caring  <3

"if you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud" ~ Emile Zola