Friday, April 29, 2011

cause I saw it first! maybe...probably...not really?

I was reading VIVI magazine the other day...a Japanese magazine, looks like this:

I love japanese magazines because they have the latest fashion trends and incredibly stylish clothing! many of my insperation comes from VIVI, and this outfit was....well...pretty much from the magazine..but hey, it was my first semi-do-it-yourself outfit!

here is what I saw on the magazine..and I remembered this boring checkered farmer shirt that was collecting dust in the back of my closet, and I thought, HEY WITH THAT, I COULD MAKE THIS (below)!

I took the shirt (which I bought from winners) and cut the hem and sewed it! so here it is! and it looks cute, and the short hem shirts are very "in" rite now, Try it !

Ta ~ Da~ !

top: Zara / cardi: talula 

Life is "trying things to see if they work" ~ Ray Bradbury

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my make-up playground

the other day my friend asked me what make-up products I use every morning...... via TEXT MSG
my first msg to her was like, "ehhhh not THAT much..."
and then I started texting her all the stuff I use....and I was like.....
"wait a minute, holy mother of pearl, I use ALOTTA shit on my face" and she just gave me that stunned face emoticon.....YEUP...SO HERE'S THE LIST and now you can judge me on how crazy of a make-up junkie I am............

First to prep the skin:
  1. Flawless Skin Repairing Serum by Laura Mercier
  2. Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream SPF 15 by ReVive Skin Care
Then the make-up in order
  1. Pure lasting make-up base by JILL STUART
  2. Photogenic Lumessence Foundation by Lancome
  3. Dior skin forever compact powder by Christian Dior
  4. Eyebrow gel by Canmake
  5. Le crayon poudre brow pencil by Lancome
  6. Eyeshadow primer potion by Urban Decay
  7. 2 eyeshadow colors by MAC and 1 cream eyeshadow by RIMMEL JAPAN
  8. Le stylo waterproof Eyeliner in black from Lancome for the waterline 
  9. 24/7 liner in "stash" by Urban Decay for the lash line
  10. Liquid last black liner from MAC
  11. Lash blast mascara by CoverGirl
  12. face color blush from Anna Sui softened with JILL STUART blush powder
  13. Bronzer from Erno Laszlo
  14. and lastly to make my face glow: Mineralize skinfinish natural by MAC
oh ya the tall sprays at the back are my hair products!!

I swear it only takes me about 15 minutes to do my make-up every morning.....

anyway I'm a HUGE mascara junkie so #11 on that list (the most cheapest product...haha) is like THE most important step in my daily make-up regime.

I wud like to hear ur make-up steps in the am~!

"beauty has a lot to do with character" ~ Kevyn Aucoin

Monday, April 25, 2011

hi floral, meet argyle~!

today is lazy easter monday! so here is a casual outfit that is super comfy: wearing an oversized cardi like a dress with argyle print nylons, army green knee high sox and POW put on some pumps and we got ourselves a cute outfit to do a quick errand or two.


hi floral, meet argyle ~ :)

floral tank: talula / cardi and sox: H&M / nylons: Jacob / floral scarf: F21 japan / shoes: Aldo

what is ur chic-comfy wear? 

"a witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power" ~ George Meredith 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hair change = make-up change!!!

drastic change? bring it!! 

have you had those moments when you just feel like a CHANGE? change in look or change in SOMETHING
well I did, and I wanted a brand new look! I always had long dyed brown hair...but last year I decided to dye it back to....BLACK, my hair color at birth. It was to mark the start of taking life more seriously, whether that be my goals, or my ambitions......but.........
 so what did I do?


jacket: talula / top: club monaco / cardi: silence and noise  / jeans: american eagle / hat: urban outfitters / jewelry and shoes: aldo / purse: vintage

oh ya and new hair color MEANS NEW MAKE-UP 

so here are my new colors, WARM TONES, with that olive color that I'm obsessed with rite now.....
as you can see above....

I love creating your own pallet <3 I bet a lot of you already know this, but for those who don't, at MAC make-up you can pick out your own colors for an eyeshadow pallet!!! You can buy shadows in a disc format and all you do is pop it in the pallet (you buy the pallet only 7 dollars and the eyeshadow discs are cheaper than the single packaged me it's a better deal) YOU CAN ALSO keep on changing the color pallet, great for seasonal changes...less clutter on ur make-up table AND great for travelling! so next time you go to MAC, I say do this instead!!!

"if you don't create change, change will create you" ~ anonymous 

what has your recent crazy change been? do tell :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

floral + jean jacket + CHUNKY BOOT? cchheeeyyaa!!

jacket: Hollister / dress: H&M / hairband and sunnies: F21 / boots: Frye

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my FRYE boots, I think it actually might go with EVERYTHING I OWN!
the combo of floral on jean jacket on chunky cow-bow inspired FRYE just goes......this spring/summer it seems like alotta soft colors goin on up top, but down there, CHUNKY colorful footware action's goin on!!! so cheers to that!

these are the times, when I LOVE FASHION STYLING!

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!!!! I know it started yesterday! but ENJOY THE SUNSHINE VANCOUVERettes!!!!

"just play. have fun. enjoy the game" ~ Micheal Jordon 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

who says rips and holes can't look good?

this was one of those fashion miracle moments....

I actually got this black knit sweater from Japan, and I didn't try it on because in Japan I find the shopping atmosphere really intimidating, people hound you and ALL the clothes are designed for small, very slender girls...and I'm practically a monster over there (cause I'm kinda tall) 
SO I just bought stuff that were like....very loose fitting, that casual look...something that would FIT ME FOR SURE!!!!
BUT UHHH...... when I got back to my hotel, I tried it on and it was this over sized sweater with no actually made me look BIGGER! DANG! so I went to return it.........but Japan ain't very friendly about those things...and it was a no money went down the drain........... boo hoo.

so back to Van, and I gave it to my little sister...and maybe the wear and tear of this sweater  kind of DE-PUFFED it..and one random day, I decided to try it on again.....and to my surprise it looked GOOD! crazy! And so I STOLE IT BACK, HAPPY GALORE!!!

a bad situation SAVED....and so I introduce to you....
done deal mangs!

sweater: Emoda (Japan) / bandeau: talula / jeans: AE / shoes: Naughty Monkey @  Zappos / purse: Chanel / sunnies: F21

Have you guys had moments like THIS???? DO TELL! dying to know :)

"never say 'oops' always say, 'ahh.. interesting' " ~ author unknown 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

mmMm chocolate....chocolate tea....TEA?

today is lazy sunday......a day where you can clear your mind......stop stressin over life and really enjoy a good cup of tea.... well that is what I usually hope for every sunday...BUT most of the time it doesn't really happen and I'm on stress overload, frantically trying to catch up on my studies!  but a cup of REALLY good tea can sometimes ease the hurt.....and that is when I remembered that amazing tea my friend had at the urban tea merchant! it was this chocolate hazelnut tea that was absolutely beautiful! who knew CHOCOLATE TEA could taste so GOOD? yessss.....but where to buy it? I came across a mighty leaf chocolate tea the other day.....and I gotta say mighty leaf tea's are pretty darn good...but I am very iffy about the mint that is in this...........would it taste like a mint chocolate chip ice-cream concoction? I didn't pick it up at my local London Drugs this time....but we will see how long I can resist my craving.....

have you guys ever tried it??? and do you know where I can get some chocolate tea??

"Put "eat chocolate" at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done" ~ author unknown

Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I was waiting at london drugs for my dear mother to finish shopping, when I came across this super cute nail color from Revlon! I know this color is a season back or so...first launched by YSL.....but I have been looking for a grey nail polish that isn't gonna cost me $30......and well ladies, this nail polish was on sale for $2.99!!!!! K, enough said...SO I got home and I tried it...I was SUPER amazed at how nicely it went on...bold color, dried quick (as the label said)

and I was super satisfied...until 2 days later.....IT started CHIPPING! IT CHIPS LIKE MAD!! I practically hafta re-apply a coat everynight! that's pretty ridiculous ya?
WELL LESSON LEARNED....dun be suckered into cheap pretty things......
but on a happier note, in the midst of the "FINALS" blues from school, I was able to use MY STUDENT DISCOUNT at CLUB MONACO today!!! boo on the nails but yay on the shirt!

don't you just LOVE the shoulder on this white shirt?? such a great buy! original price was $69, went down to $29 and with my student discount, it came up to be $23.20

top: Club Monaco / vest: Japan / jeggings: H&M / sunnies: F21 / necklace: tiffany key / purse: Louis Vuitton / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / bracelets: holt renfrew and Links of London 

what nail color should I buy next? mint green, neon yellow or nude?? 

"the difference between style and fashion is quality" ~ Giorgio Armani 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blast from the PAST!

I was watching the "Dr. Dre - I need a doctor" music video by Eminem, and I got a glimpse of his watch...and to my surprise it wasn't no fancy shmancy one, but instead a G-SHOCK!!! remember those? well I sure do, because I used to wear a BABY-G during my elementary school years! 
Total blast from the past!

AND it got me thinking......these watches come in several colors, and the more colorful they are, the more STYLISH they look!!! so I thought it could be the GO-TO-WATCH for this spring/summer season! It is great cause these puppies aren't JUST fashion watches but they are super sturdy too!!!! (waterproof, shock proof...etc.)

you could put on a floral dress, and to add a bit of chic to the outfit,  throw on a jean jacket and one of the below:
(this outfit will eventually be posted)

I think it would look so CUTE!!!!


here is our beloved Justin Beiber

 Kanye West



* I am in love with the yellow one....*
I like how now, they mute out the BABY-G or G-SHOCK sign, and make the whole watch ONE COLOR so it makes it look really TRENDY-CHIC! 

Here is my third baby-G and my fav. watch I own:

and if so, which one??

"fashions fades, style is eternal" ~YSL

Sunday, April 10, 2011

HEY, I'm not cheap!! just SMART :)

I was walking along the mall, and I came across this beautiful leaf necklace...I have always wanted a leaf necklace, but one that looks classy and elegant a.k.a expensive looking.....without breaking the bank and I FINALLY found one but while I was finishing up this transaction it got me thinking...what makes a cheap necklace, pull off that expensive look?  to hunt that question down I first went to the fav. place in my room, my jewelry box!

now to start with my new leaf necklace ( it is fairly long)
and might I say, VERY VERY PRETTY !

what you should watch out for when buying cheap fashion jewelry!

however small it maybe big name brand jewelry designers make SURE they have stamped their logo on their piece of jewelry, usually with TAGS.... so we already have this image in our head that if a tag is dangling off of it, it must be some trendy brand, when it actually is from ALDO in my case.....
and as for CLASPS, there are some generic clasps out there but if the clasp is unique then your jewelry is unique too!

when you have very delicate looking chains, with small delicate pendents on the end OR go crazy and get something chunky, extreme and gaudy pieces....
here are some delicate pieces:

*** also the uniqueness of the rice shaped beads or chains mimics expensive jewelry***

here's an outspoken, gaudy piece that make an outfit rockin:

this one I think is the most important, because what ultimately distinguishes cheap jewelry from expensive is the material being used. If you are at F21 or H&M which one should you pick out? what should you watch out for? answer is to focus on the finishings of the metal!  the ones with brush strokes that makes it have an aged, vintage look 

also hammered metals that produces a wavy texture!  It is so hard to beat the shine of diamonds or real gold, so instead try to find muted, matte golds and silvers, they are JUST as elegant and pretty!

****all the jewelry pictures were a mixture of my tiffany's to, holt renfrew, to blue ruby to boutique brands and  F21****

but the question is, can you tell?? <3

"only great minds can afford a simple style" ~ Stendhal

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make me SHINE baby, BUT FAST!

I think nails says more about a person then we think! SERIOUSLY! I mean, if you are deficient in Calcium, it shows on your nails. If you smoke, then your nails go yellow. If you are an auto mechanic, you get grime under your nails. List keeps on going! You can really tell someone's hygiene from how they take care of their nails! I one time read on a magazine, I think it was cosmo.....a guy was being interviewed and said, "I can tell a girl's hygiene by looking at how well she takes care of her nails" I mean it does some what makes sense, because painting nails and grooming them, takes time and money!!

SO how can you keep'em nails SHINE?
for years I didn't believe in a top coat! I know! I can't believe it myself!!
I first discovered the greatness of a TOPCOAT at Holts, I just tried it on one finger, I think it was the NARS one, just cause it was there and I was bored. BOY was I amazed! It made it SHINE like crazy! I was SOLD, and after that was compliment after compliment! Here I learned the importance of a TOPCOAT!
BUT when I took it home, it took forever to dry. SO I looked into the FAST drying ones, but was very hesitant to buy any..... I don't know why I`m so skeptical  toward these things, but I also couldn't believe it would be any better than the NARS one. then I tried BUTTER LONDON, and I was a believer!

so here are a few that I own:
  My Reviews!
  1. MY FAV ESSIE! it isn't goopy like the others, perfect consistency and it makes your nails DAZZLE 
  2. THE WORST, O.P.I by Sephora! it is so runny!!! when you applicate it, it actually settles in your cuticles
  3. NOT WORTH IT, NARS! my biggest impression for this product is IT NEVER DRIES, like you leave it for 10 hrs and it still seems to get dents!
  4. THE BEST OF THE BEST, BUTTER LONDON HARDWEAR!!! this one over time, the consistency gets pretty thick, but that actually acts as a benefit because it almost feels like you are putting on a gel coat! so it gives you a illusion of that gel coat thickness AND hardness! most of all it lasts FOREVER!!
I know there are SO MANY topcoats out there, any other ones you guys used that were amazing???

"in order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" ~ Coco Chanel

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

behind the lashes!

I'd say long, full lashes are pretty important.

On a daily basis I spend the most time on perfecting my lashes because that is what makes my eyes pop. I bet the invention of faux lashes transformed the life of many girls! It does amazing things to the eye and face!
BUT now the problem is, there are WAY TOO MANY brands and WAY TOO MANY kind of lashes out there!!!! with the prices ranging from $1 to $150 and in various colors it is hard to figure out which one to purchase! We can't try them at the store, nor return them so we have to take the risk and hope to god they look good on you! So I thought since I have applied and bought so many types/kinds of lashes through out my time as a make-up artist, why not tell you some of the observations I have made!

and at the very end, I used a pair of lashes to create a look.....uhhh I don't know if this was my best work. but hey it was fun doing it!

Here is a variety of different lashes, I got most of them in Japan, but I think you can purchase similar ones at daiso/shoppers/london drugs/holts. 

  1. These lashes have more lash concentration at the center of the eye. Therefore it is great for people who have flat, slit-like eyes that want to make it look more round.
  2. These ones have more chunky lashes at the outer corners so this will be great for people who want to elongate their eyes with a bit more funk!
  3. This is a basic criss-cross lashes that you can get from shu umemura (the luxe) and this gives ultimate volume. Looks great on EVERYBODY, so you can't go wrong with this one.
  4. Again this one has more lash density at the outer corners, hence your eyes will open up and make it look more elongated. The outer corners of your eyes will have more volume. Similar to 2. but this one doesn't have the chunky ends, instead it layers the criss-cross lashes to acheive the lash density(volume).
  5. This would be the mimic of natural lash; this is great for deeper set eyes to add a bit of volume.
  6. These guys are my favorite, this one looks great for Asian eyes, it has gaps in between so it makes your eyes open up  with lashes similar to dolls! put on some bottom lashes and you got yourself some doll eyes!
  7. This the same criss-cross lashes that will look the most natural, no one believes me when I say that, but you will be surprised. The criss-cross gives the most volume at the lash line without it looking fake. This particular one has more space in between the criss-cross so it will have the most natural of looks. Great for weddings and when you don't wear lots of eye shadow!
Hope those pointers will help you pick out the perfect pair of lashes!!! Let me know what is your fav pair of lashes!

Now here is a fun look I saw on a Japanese magazine and always wanted to try. I bought this eye tape that makes your double eyelids more defined, cool huh?

here is the lashes I used:

the tape I was talking about:

how the tape looks on the eyes open:

how the tape looks on the eyes closed: (looks so natural, it is unbelievable)

 starting the make-up: we are doing the slanted puppy dog eyes!

hence the lashes and liner going downwards:

now to make an illusion that the eyes are bigger by putting skin colored liner on the bottom water line and drawing a fake bottom lash line in black: (looks funny)


and the end result? since my eyes look bottom heavy, it makes me look very kind of sad! haha!

all for fun guys, I would never walk the streets of Vancouver in this, but in Japan many girls rock this look! and they do a WAY WAY better job than me. This look needs practice, time and patience!!!

"the only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in" 
~ Paris Hilton