Thursday, May 10, 2012

OUTFIT of the Dayyyyyyy! yay!

My recent happenings are not the greatest, I've actually been super sick. I haven't been this sick for this long in....NEVER! health is number one people... BUT I do got the whole sexy sick voice going on......AND had some time to work a bit on my blog. I finally got an iPhone in Japan and man, being iPhone-less for 8 months - I have been deprived of apps galore - especially the photography related ones. MmMMmmm! so here are some of those apps to work!


  1. Love the outfit, Mio. I'm wearing Mint colored jeans.

    Will be following your bloggg and maybe start one of own!

    Elainers :)

    1. awww thanks elaine! yes you should and please check out my other one too at! yay! miss you xoxo I want mint colored jeans!


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