Tuesday, August 2, 2011


In Japan, there are these festivals called "OMATSURI" a summer festival. Many girls wear Yukata's to this event.  a yukata is sorta like a kimono but for the summer. I recently bought one and I will be wearing it in the upcoming local festivals....I will post the whole outfit soon, but for a sneak peak...


  1. Love the hair ornament. Can't wait to see the whole look!

  2. cute cute and CUTE! please show us the whole outfit soon!

  3. Wow I can't wait to see everything put together! Are kimonos cheap there? How much are silk ones? Are they hard to put on?!

    Omg you must get the Louis bag when you get the chance, I love it as a summer bag!!! Though it's a shame that Vancouver barely has any sun! Oh wells, time to invest in a Autumn bag hahaha jkjk Bf would have my head! OMG!!!! I totally regret not buying a bunch of deco stuff while I was in Tokyo!!! I wish I could back to get some T_T I think I was so in shock while I was there it completely slipped my mind, not to mention Disney was my biggest priority hahaha How long will you be staying in Japan? Will you come back to Vancouver soon?

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