Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogger of the DAY!

So early this morning I got an email saying that I am one of the 'bloggers of the day' on bloggers.com!
How great is that? It might not be such a big deal but it is........ isn't it? I mean there are TONES of bloggers out there and I've been on the blog-wagon for only a few months and I already got featured! what great luck!
so I thought why not frame it by posting it, that I GOT POSTED! 

Thanks for all your support guys! This definitely is a great day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

after the tears and laughter!

Over the weekend the bridesmaid's and I put together a party for the bride-to-be. Its been a while since any of us actually put some time into organizing a party or even going out for that matter. So not only was this my bestfriend's special day but it was more than just another night out on the town!!Other than our horrible service at the reso, everything fell into place and the bride-to-be had a fabulous time....

To prep for this party lotsa creativity and DIY was involved, and thought I'd share it cause it turned out absolutely amazing!!!

First for the table settings, we thought to give it an extra touch with some decor, and I got thinking of some thrifty ways to make a simple yet elegant table setting and here it is:

I started with some faux flowers  ($1 for 6 stems at Walmart)

Then took some Krylon gold spray paint and sprayed the flowers (from Walmart as well)

To match the napkins! (napkins from Zellers)

popped the flowers off the stem, stuck a plastic pearl bead in the middle and put some gold nail polish on the rims of the petals and VOLA!
(this is just a mock)

I also got the idea to make a head piece for my outfit that night!

Now for the fun stuff. The outfits for the night!
some photos with my besties <3

 dresses starting from left to right :  RW&Co. and both from BCBG. 
(I wish I got better pic of my hair that night!! but I will do it again and post soon!)

I love dressing up!!!!
this night my look was inspired by Blair from Gossip Girl.....
this is the BCBG dress I got that I felt was very Blair-esque, do you agree?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

just when the guilt set in from too much chocolate......

Today I was shopping for groceries at Walmart and browsed around the whole store...plus I just think every place has potential for inspiration, as I trotted along the undergarment area I came across some body shapers.
Then the image of my dress for my friends engagement party came to mind... and a body shaper was a must.......
It was only Walmart and the variety of these body shapers was crazy!! SOOO MANY! I know I know, I should go to an actual lingerie boutique, but I thought this would be a good trial one, I mean who can say no to $16 rite?
So I got the one that best suited my needs, tuck in the tummie and the muffin top! So here it is girlies!
the result?AMAZING! 

not very flattering huh? but BOY DO THEY WORK!
until that day when I magically lose 10lbs, these will do!

next post will be me wearing them, so stay tuned!
do you know any other great body shapers?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

butter soft hair.....mmMMmm

Since I got my hair bleached and dyed, my hair has been DRY AS HAY!! And treatments only last for so long....but I say no more, cause my hair has been

this product, is AMAZING!

I first used it when I saw my younger sister using it, (she's like abnormally crazie when it comes to her hair)....anyway I used about a dime size amount on semi-wet hair, try to only massage it on the ends of your hair and after simply blow dry! You can tell instantly the difference in the texture and shine of your hair!!! I have thick brassy hair to begin with so having smooth buttery hair like this is unreal! 

YOU MUST TRY, it beats Fredric Fekkai, Bumble by Bumble, Orbie, Kerastase and any other brand you can think of. Now walk over to your local salon and BUY IT! I swear you won`t be disappointed

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am so sorry for not posting for weeks! I have been putting it off, because something happened in those weeks that affected my ability to blog, hence this post won't be my typical fashion post, so you can read on or come back another day :)

Basically it was an accumulation of negative remarks regarding my recent change in appearance that has abolished my confidence. K, it sounds unnecessarily exaggerated; but guys I gotta admit this, my confidence has endured a lot over the years. I mean, I don't want to sound like a typical Hollywood film but I was THAT kid who kinda got teased and was kinda a loner. (hey those Hollywood films got their inspiration somewhere!) So that probably was the time when my insecurities started.....but hey I fought through it and now I have a tone of friends, kinda grew into my features and as MUCH as I hate to admit this, my confidence grew with the improvement of my appearance. Yup cliché MUCH? but these days it was different, I surpassed those superficial needs and I started to focus on other factors in life....and nothing could break me.....and so I thought.....

But I guess I was wrong, and now, it seems harder than ever to bring my confidence and myself back to where it was before. AND wait for it........... the worst part is, it has actually gotten to the point where it has altered my personality. Can you believe it? cause I sure can't, I mean we're talking about a mere comment or two about my appearance and it has gone as far as making me anti-social and doubting my own thoughts'n opinions?!?!??!! RIDICULOUS if you ask me....and yet I can't seem to shake it.

This post took courage to share to the world wide web, but I think it portrays how important this blog is to me, not just for the sake of one-day making some sort of money off it (eek, was I not suppose to admit that openly?) but also how it gives me real happiness to be able to share my passions and receive feedback................
so I guess the challenge is, what do I do next......

anyone have similar stories?

much luv and thanks for reading,