Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sometimes it just takes a long time to get there...

Remember sex and the city's last episode?

to be exact, season 6 eps. 20 part 2.....it was when Big flew to Paris to tell Carrie that she's 'the one' after all those years? Well I was watching that clip on youtube and it got me thinking......I may actually go through something similar to that...I mean not in Paris with all that perfect timing and staged romance.....but the waiting part.....I have a 'BIG' in my life, he's not a big shot like the character in sex in the city but the relationship he has with Carrie is shockingly similar to what I have with this guy. I've had my flings with other men here and there, but they don't even compare to the depth of love I once felt for this guy.
I just turned 25 and will be turning 26 at the end of the year...shouldn't I be old enough to know how to deal with this love business? The people I grew up with are slowly starting to get married and starting families, I on the other hand am no where near that stage in my life. I can't even get over my ex for gawsh sakes (and sadly it has been 2 years)
I came to Japan to advance my career, to make something of myself, but it's true what they say....if you don't have anyone to share your joys and accomplishments with, it just doesn't feel the same.  Being here in Japan, I've experienced so many wonderful things that I want to share with him.......and when I think for a second that he wouldn't care like he used to, my heart aches. how messed up is that?
I hope my solitude in Japan isn't clouding my judgement for how I really feel toward my 'BIG'.

But I can't shake this ounce of hope that if I wait long enough he may show up on my door step......k, maybe not literally, but you see what I'm trying to get at.

one of my secret pleasures is to read blogs (like le love) of hopeless romantics, so here is my hopeless romantic moment.

Friday, January 20, 2012

CHANEL's blue rebel

My very first CHANEL nail polish! and it`s limited edition!
My dear friend from Tokyo gave me this as a present! A thank you shout out to her
I absolutely love this colour, a unique cross of blue black and navy!This is probably my favourite colour yet!
Here is my retro inspired nails!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tokyo and Back!

Over the weekend plus a few days, I hopped onto a train to Tokyo!
I met with my friend who flew in from Vancouver and we had such a wonderful time shopping!

In Japan we don't really have boxing day but we do have a bargain sale period that happens during the month of January.
Boxing day in North America is no longer a big deal; the sale mark downs aren't very impressive.........taking $5 off won't even cover the tax for pete sakes.....

BUT JAPAN on the other hand, KNOWS HOW TO DO A SALE!!!!!!!!

Here is a purchase that I had to share!

JILL STUART flats 70% off 
yup, thhaattsss riiittteee!!!!
beautiful hey? the style is pretty basic but the colour and design just make it magical!!!
can't wait to blog an outfit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you button up to the top?

In Vancouver when I was wearing a blouse I think I left about two buttons undone. It was more flattering that way, and don't worry it was tasteful! K maybe only one unbuttoned for interviews...don't lie, I know you do the same!! lol

But the thing is, Japan doesn't tolerate this "unbuttoned blouse" business; it is considered too revealing or just plain sloppy! Crazy rite? I don't really have a big chest but I feel like I look chest heavy when I button up all the buttons when wearing a blouse! Does anyone else feel the same???
So this dress code was a huge a problem for me.

but I came across this blouse,
 I think it's the bow that compensates for the lack of decollete exposure 

 it's all in the beauty of the pattern!!

RETRO is back biiAttches!!

I love the shorts too!!! but that will have to wait for another post!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what to strut at an Izakaya Tapas Bar....

As much as we'd like to wear what ever we want, when ever and where ever, sometimes we must consider the weather, occasion and the setting of where we are headed to. I mean if you are going to school, I wouldn't really recommend decking out head to toe with a dress and your favourite pair of louboutin's.

My point being, I think many girls dread going to an event only to find themselves OVER-dressed or UNDER-dressed. 

And I'm sure being into fashion and all, you've caught onto what outfit is appropriate for various event genres, but here's something pretty new to the scene: JAPANESE IZAKAYA TAPAS BARS! 

Izakaya's have trendy interior decor, require advance reservation and not only are their food innovative and delicious, but they look gourmet! 

So here's the question; Izakaya's don't quite cut it to strut a "five star restaurant" kinda outfit, but also isn't casual enough to JUST wear jeans and a t-shirt. so what is the in-between?  

well here's mine! what's yours?

put on a hat for some posh

put on the off-the-shoulder sweater-dress for some casu.

meeheee~off I go!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

unique clothing? it's UNIQLO

January is probably the coldest month in Japan....where I live (Numata, Gunma), it has been snowing pretty often and to keep warm I have invested in some HEAT TECH's from UNIQLO!

Heat Tech clothing uses thermal technology that trap body warmth within the fabric so you don't need to wear many layers to keep warm. It is thin, comfortable, anti-static and even controls odor!!!
for those who have always wondered how Japanese girls can wear short shorts in the winter time, it is all because of these fabulous babies! 


 see you next time!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year everyone!!!

Wishing everybody a happy new year!
even more so for my followers! haha I joke, I joke! 
I hope 2012 will be a great year for everyone! 

It was my first "new years" in Japan and honestly it was kinda sad! I did the count down solo and my new years dinner consisted of some chicken karage from 7eleven. haha 

but that hasn't discouraged me from what I would like to acheive this year!
I keep on mentioning how I will regularly blog about my life in Japan, but I haven't quite followed through with that. That being said, I would really like to put in my all to bloggin!! 

starting with this post! a new years curtsy from me, 
with a new outfit and new hair style!