Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what to strut at an Izakaya Tapas Bar....

As much as we'd like to wear what ever we want, when ever and where ever, sometimes we must consider the weather, occasion and the setting of where we are headed to. I mean if you are going to school, I wouldn't really recommend decking out head to toe with a dress and your favourite pair of louboutin's.

My point being, I think many girls dread going to an event only to find themselves OVER-dressed or UNDER-dressed. 

And I'm sure being into fashion and all, you've caught onto what outfit is appropriate for various event genres, but here's something pretty new to the scene: JAPANESE IZAKAYA TAPAS BARS! 

Izakaya's have trendy interior decor, require advance reservation and not only are their food innovative and delicious, but they look gourmet! 

So here's the question; Izakaya's don't quite cut it to strut a "five star restaurant" kinda outfit, but also isn't casual enough to JUST wear jeans and a t-shirt. so what is the in-between?  

well here's mine! what's yours?

put on a hat for some posh

put on the off-the-shoulder sweater-dress for some casu.

meeheee~off I go!  


  1. WOW, 3rd blog of the year already! Happy New Year. i'm loving the new layout and always here to support you in spirit. Love the look and recently also bought an off shoulder sweater. Hopefully I can pull it off as nice as you can.

    You look beautiful love <3


  2. love your outfit!! :)
    follow you back dear :D

  3. really nice outfit!! u look really nice :))

    I love 2 follow eachothers blog regularly thru Bloglovin and GFC if u like :)). Dont miss a FREE giveaway at end of Jan on my blog :)



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