Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a maxi-dress addiction.


I have FOUND a maxi-dress that flatters me! YAY!!!Summer has come to Vancouver....actually not quite yet...cause there is barely any sunshine....and ONLY the annoying mugginess. But HEY, on an optimistic note it is great for strutin them maxi-dresses.
I went shopping the other day and was awe-struck by the summer left-over sales!! Maybe the lack of sun does do some good???? But holy smokes!! Every store had every size (well at least my size....) in every colour, ON SALE!!!
you know.....I have tried maxi-dresses here and there but zero luck. I find the whole process like finding a pair of jeans (incredibly difficult and giving up is not an option). I didn't have a vision on what kind of maxi-dress I wanted, but once I tried this on I was HOOKED.

maxi-dress: Mink Pink / belt and necklace: vintage / wooden bangles and wedges: ALDO / purse: Louis Vuitton

Here I am wearing a black slip from hanky panky but I can change up the outfit by buttoning down and wearing different coloured bandeau's!!

now to find a colourful patterned maxi-dress.......
and so the search continues....


  1. You'r coordinate here is lovely!!!! I love maxi dresses too but have yet to find one I like and at a good length, sigh it sucks being short when it comes to maxi dresses but Im not giving up hope yet, not to mention that our weather hasn't been to great either =(

    BUT I totally agree with the sales being great this summer! Even though I was invited to Aritzia's presale, I still went afterwards when they opened it to the public and lo behold, there were actually xxs,xs,s left!!! OMG!

  2. ooo that’s great that the dress look so nice on u! I want to wear long dresses too but I think it doesn’t really fit me as well as I like =( ~~~

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    *c my giveaway*

  3. That dress looks *perfect* on you. Great proportions and style. It's so hard to find them in a good length like this one!

  4. i can understand why you're so hooked, it looks absolutely lovely on you!

  5. lovely blog and great pics. Can we follow each other?

  6. Thanks for the lovely comment-- You're so cute! I love everything about this look! The dress is aaa-mazing, and so are your accessories... ♡


  7. Fabulous dress!
    Love your LV too :) x

    I was also wondering if you could vote for me? Its for an elle magazine contest :D!
    It only takes 5 seconds.
    Just go to Elle and Nokia Page and press 'I like'. Thank you! xx

  8. Hey Mio! Thanks for your sweet comment! ANd yes, I work at JNBY :) Come drop by the South Granville location! I work there! As for the sale, everything other than the summer collections are all 40% off!

    Hope to meet you!


  9. I love the dress! <3 You have accessorized it beautifully - the long necklace especially!

    Lost in the Haze

  10. Love the entire outfit!The maxi dress is adorable and the bag is to die for!chic details!!!

  11. You are sooo pretty!.
    && I love the outfit.(:

  12. Hey Mio!!! Aww thanks sweetie! I love your comments too and I love leaving our super long comments on each others blogs hahahahaha!

    I totally agree that the afternoon tea at the fairmont is just "ehh" it's not bad but I wouldn't rate it as the greatest but OMG! You HAVE to try afternoon tea at the rim! I've tried it and I LOVE it! I did a blog post on it and Im no sure if they've changed their dessert selection but they had some green tea lychee mousse cake that was to die for, and I don't even like mousse cake!!! You know what I hate to admit? While I think that the tea merchant is superb tea and customer service, I feel like their food is lacking now, I hope it's just this round though!!!

    My internet is still down boo so Im running around at random places and often staying at my bf's to use his internet hahaha

    P.s can't wait to go shopping! <-- super random haha

    Pp.s can't wait for your next post! I know this one is really new but Im just selfish like that =P

  13. I think this is my first-ever time to Beautie Chips. Mio, you are very cute. Your hair is so lovely, and you have such a sweet face and a sweet smile. This maxi dress is absolutely lovely on you, and I also like the handbag and wedge sandals. Your beauty captivates here in these pictures. Oh... your necklace, accessories, and hat are cool too! :)

  14. Totally great dress Mio! You look adorable! I know what you mean about the weather (I'm in Vic). Where has our sun gone? Where is the global "warming" they speak of?? Hee hee. OXO Nat

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  17. it's gorgeous and totally flattering!


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