Friday, July 8, 2011

I can't live without u

Before you run out the door, what would you say are your MUST accessories?

most people may say their watch, but for me it doesn't end there.
I gotta admit, I feel pretty naked without my watch, almost to par with forgetting my phone. I'm one of those people who have the habit of looking at their wrist for the time, so even if I'm not wearing a watch I still look at my wrist.
I recently had an incident where I JUST wore my watch without any of my bracelets....and astonishingly I felt so incomplete.....I felt like my outfit was not done, awkward and uncomfortable!! It was absolutely insane!

I thought to share this because I found it rather ridiculous that I felt this way!! maybe someone can make me feel better by letting me know if they have experienced this??? anyone??


  1. I get the same way with certain accessories. I feel like it's the weight of them that you get used to, and then when your arm (or head, or neck) is suddenly lighter, you feel like you forgot something all day long!

  2. I like accessories and especially the bracelets, I'm full of them <0keke>... I love your ring, is amazing

  3. I need to get in the routine of accesories. x hivenn

  4. love the jewellry


  5. For accessories I'd feel sooo naked without a necklace! I always wear one! Even when Im sleeping or in the shower hahahaha there's always one on my neck so I'd feel so naked without one, that said I haven't had a bare neck since a few years ago! Right now Im in love with bangles and bracelets so m trying to get into the habit of wearing them, especially since I bought quite a few <-- what happens when Im suddenly "in" to something lol it's bad for my wallet! I personally think everyone feels this way so don't fret dear!


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