Wednesday, September 14, 2011

grease up that face and wash it off!

OIL CLEANSERS! This is a rather new innovation over in North America, but over in Japan it is everywhere!

these are the ones that I own = (left to right) approx $5, $10, $20 Cdn. 

now for those who don't really know what oil cleansers are. It is like an eye make-up remover for the face! except it doesn't leave this greasy film afterwards! (well the good ones)

use a couple of pumps, be pretty generous and massage on your face and eye area very gently, you will feel the make-up coming off without a lot of aggressive rubbing.

then splash water and the oil cleanser will turn into a milk cleanser

after the water goes clear, your skin will feel supple, refreshed and spotless clean (even deep into your pores)

Now where to buy this in Vancouver??? First comes to mind of course is the SHU UEMURA oil cleansers, available at Holt Renfrew! I know other brands like Estee Lauder, Lancome, bobbi brown, Laura Mercier, Nars..... all have oil cleansers........but I've tried all of em and sorry to say but I think they can't top off SHU's oil cleansers, HANDS DOWN!!!!! (I mean it also depends on skin type...but at least shu has a selection to suit most skin types, whereas other brands only have one type of oil cleanser)

If you are a newb to oil cleansers I really recommend going to the Holts SHU UEMURA counter and get an associate to help ya pick out one that is perfect for your skin! good luck and lemme know the results!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

new place, new job, new look

I have been M.I.A for a good month now and it's cause I've been busy putting my life back in order!
I started my new job, sorta furnished my new apartment and FINALLY got a feel of Japanese fashion! You guys wouldn't BELIEVE how difficult it is, to go from one countries HAUT fashion to another's! You gotta scope out the scene and find what you feel most comfortable in!  After browsing thru many malls, department stores and boutiques I think I gotta an idea of what I'd like to strut down the streets of Japan.....I

FIRST I will start with.....the dots...polka dots that is! 

(so sorry the pictures SUCK, my camera is HORRIBLE, I'm trying to save up to get an SLR!!)

polka dot chiffon blouse with a pair of beige ankle-grazers! all Japanese brands of course! Accessories are geek glasses and a multi-colored scarf for a belt!

point: mix up the polka dot with stripes! As long as one pattern is an accessory, it gives the outfit the finishing touch!!!