Thursday, April 21, 2011

who says rips and holes can't look good?

this was one of those fashion miracle moments....

I actually got this black knit sweater from Japan, and I didn't try it on because in Japan I find the shopping atmosphere really intimidating, people hound you and ALL the clothes are designed for small, very slender girls...and I'm practically a monster over there (cause I'm kinda tall) 
SO I just bought stuff that were like....very loose fitting, that casual look...something that would FIT ME FOR SURE!!!!
BUT UHHH...... when I got back to my hotel, I tried it on and it was this over sized sweater with no actually made me look BIGGER! DANG! so I went to return it.........but Japan ain't very friendly about those things...and it was a no money went down the drain........... boo hoo.

so back to Van, and I gave it to my little sister...and maybe the wear and tear of this sweater  kind of DE-PUFFED it..and one random day, I decided to try it on again.....and to my surprise it looked GOOD! crazy! And so I STOLE IT BACK, HAPPY GALORE!!!

a bad situation SAVED....and so I introduce to you....
done deal mangs!

sweater: Emoda (Japan) / bandeau: talula / jeans: AE / shoes: Naughty Monkey @  Zappos / purse: Chanel / sunnies: F21

Have you guys had moments like THIS???? DO TELL! dying to know :)

"never say 'oops' always say, 'ahh.. interesting' " ~ author unknown 


  1. lovin the outfit!!!!


  2. You look awesome!!


  3. Wow that's awesome your sweater fits you and your style now!! I wish my clothes did that more often =( I know what you mean about shopping with there aren't any fitting rooms, especially in a different country!

    Yes! I've been to both fairmont and secret garden, I've done review on both, you can probably find them on my blog under the tag "tea" LOL but don't click it if you don't want to spoil it for yourself! I also believe they both change their selections according to season so that's always nice and not repetitive =)

  4. I love your sweater!! I want It!! :)
    your blog is so cool, now I'm following you back :)

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