Saturday, April 23, 2011

floral + jean jacket + CHUNKY BOOT? cchheeeyyaa!!

jacket: Hollister / dress: H&M / hairband and sunnies: F21 / boots: Frye

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my FRYE boots, I think it actually might go with EVERYTHING I OWN!
the combo of floral on jean jacket on chunky cow-bow inspired FRYE just goes......this spring/summer it seems like alotta soft colors goin on up top, but down there, CHUNKY colorful footware action's goin on!!! so cheers to that!

these are the times, when I LOVE FASHION STYLING!

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!!!! I know it started yesterday! but ENJOY THE SUNSHINE VANCOUVERettes!!!!

"just play. have fun. enjoy the game" ~ Micheal Jordon 


  1. This outfit is adorable! I love your hair band and floral dress paired with those brown boots! Im looking for a pair of affordable cute cowboy boots for myself, the ones I see from overseas are perfect but way too pricey to buy over here! To make matters worse I've been banned from Tokyo from my parents for the next few years! lol

  2. My sister has those boots, and she wears them all the time, so they'll go with anything! Except maybe not formal clothes ... following you now!

  3. Very girly and cute this outfit is! The jacket and the boots add some toughness without overdoing it. Very cute look!

  4. This outfit is locking too much fantastic i really like it...

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