Monday, June 13, 2011

Peanut butter and Christian Louboutin SHOES?????

There are some shoes in my shoe closet that I take extra care of....the reason being.......I AM IN LOVE! or THEY WERE SIMPLY DAMN EXPENSIVE ! and I'm pretty OCD about my shoes and how I organize them. I keep them in their original box and even put a mini picture on the front. This makes it easier for me to match  my shoes to my outfit!!!

I was cleaning up my shoe closet when I realized that many of my shoes need repair or a good polish. I am actually a big advocate of purchasing SHOE CARE!!!! many shoe sales associate's try to sell you the appropriate shoe care along with your purchase in a gimmicky kind of way but people, pay ATTENTION because THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH! Shoe care REALLY does PROLONG the life expectancy of your shoes! 

So I have purchased and used many over the years, for practically every type of shoe material; leather, cloth, suede, name it, I have it all! And they work!!!

So today I thought I'd share some products that restores your leather shoes all for about $8 to make it look NEW AGAIN! works super well EVEN ON A PAIR OF LEATHER CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN'S. 

this is recommended for high quality leather shoes where the color of the leather isn't just sitting on the surface (or else color might rub off and please do not use on patent leather)


this product is super easy to use, it dries quick and the oil distributes evenly to give you the best shine!
You can purchase this at walmart in the shoe section.

Now, I know you are thinking WTF, and why would you need this for the sole of your shoes? 
WELL this may be a bit circumstantial.

BUT, I find that from the back when you walk, IF the heel of your shoes along with the curvature arch of the heel is clean and shiny it is SEXY and REALLY makes it look NEW!

OCD much? but ELEGANCE is all in the DETAILS MY FRIENDS!!!!
  1. Removing the sticky guck from the bottom of your shoes from sale price tags! (SO UNFLATTERING)

  1. First you take a slab of peanut butter (creamy is best but crunchy works too) thin even layer
  2. Then leave it on for a few minutes
  3. Lastly take a paper towel and remove it in a circular motion.

try it, I just finished doing that on my LOUBOUTIN's! 

tell me how it goes!


  1. OMG!! I love your closet!!! I think this is a great idea for storing shoes and I will definitely keep it in mind when I move out because that means....i get my own closet space for everything! =DDD Well.....that's going to be in a few years though =( Actually....thinking about it... I technically could move in with my bf but it's such a scary though I don't want to think about it!

    Oh and peanut butter!? Who would've though about that? Right now Im obsessed with keeping the vachetta on my bag clean and as white as possible!!! Omg but it's not working out and even though I do research through the net I get mixed results, some say leave it natural as it was meant that way and others say you should treat it to preserve it! ahhh! So far I've just left it as is though haha

    I also noticed that a lot of you shoes are pumps, you're so lucky to be able to wear them, I can only really wear kitten heels or else the discomfort gets too great where I can't even move! So flats are my best friends hahaha I'd love a pair of louboutin flats! Though other ppl say that really defeats the purpose but I say not! If it did they wouldn't even be making them!

  2. haha cool ideas~~any tips to protect louboutin soles? mine has rubbed off a lil bit on my first wear when it hit the pavement *sigh*

  3. Wow....girl you really take care of your shoes! Thanks for the great tips! btw do you ever have a problem with the rubber part at the heel wearing out? Would you suggest taking it to the shoe repair or diy?

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