Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make me SHINE baby, BUT FAST!

I think nails says more about a person then we think! SERIOUSLY! I mean, if you are deficient in Calcium, it shows on your nails. If you smoke, then your nails go yellow. If you are an auto mechanic, you get grime under your nails. List keeps on going! You can really tell someone's hygiene from how they take care of their nails! I one time read on a magazine, I think it was cosmo.....a guy was being interviewed and said, "I can tell a girl's hygiene by looking at how well she takes care of her nails" I mean it does some what makes sense, because painting nails and grooming them, takes time and money!!

SO how can you keep'em nails SHINE?
for years I didn't believe in a top coat! I know! I can't believe it myself!!
I first discovered the greatness of a TOPCOAT at Holts, I just tried it on one finger, I think it was the NARS one, just cause it was there and I was bored. BOY was I amazed! It made it SHINE like crazy! I was SOLD, and after that was compliment after compliment! Here I learned the importance of a TOPCOAT!
BUT when I took it home, it took forever to dry. SO I looked into the FAST drying ones, but was very hesitant to buy any..... I don't know why I`m so skeptical  toward these things, but I also couldn't believe it would be any better than the NARS one. then I tried BUTTER LONDON, and I was a believer!

so here are a few that I own:
  My Reviews!
  1. MY FAV ESSIE! it isn't goopy like the others, perfect consistency and it makes your nails DAZZLE 
  2. THE WORST, O.P.I by Sephora! it is so runny!!! when you applicate it, it actually settles in your cuticles
  3. NOT WORTH IT, NARS! my biggest impression for this product is IT NEVER DRIES, like you leave it for 10 hrs and it still seems to get dents!
  4. THE BEST OF THE BEST, BUTTER LONDON HARDWEAR!!! this one over time, the consistency gets pretty thick, but that actually acts as a benefit because it almost feels like you are putting on a gel coat! so it gives you a illusion of that gel coat thickness AND hardness! most of all it lasts FOREVER!!
I know there are SO MANY topcoats out there, any other ones you guys used that were amazing???

"in order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" ~ Coco Chanel


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  3. Oh yes I love topcoats but my FAV is Seche Vite!!! If you google it you will probably find tons of reviews, not only does it gloss and shine like mad but it helps your nails dry a lot faster too! I really want to try Essie polishes but they don't sell hem much here in my city, I have to go down to the states if I want to get some! ><

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  6. You didn't believe in top coat?! HOW?! I don't know how I could SURVIVE without a top coat!!!

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