Tuesday, April 5, 2011

behind the lashes!

I'd say long, full lashes are pretty important.

On a daily basis I spend the most time on perfecting my lashes because that is what makes my eyes pop. I bet the invention of faux lashes transformed the life of many girls! It does amazing things to the eye and face!
BUT now the problem is, there are WAY TOO MANY brands and WAY TOO MANY kind of lashes out there!!!! with the prices ranging from $1 to $150 and in various colors it is hard to figure out which one to purchase! We can't try them at the store, nor return them so we have to take the risk and hope to god they look good on you! So I thought since I have applied and bought so many types/kinds of lashes through out my time as a make-up artist, why not tell you some of the observations I have made!

and at the very end, I used a pair of lashes to create a look.....uhhh I don't know if this was my best work. but hey it was fun doing it!

Here is a variety of different lashes, I got most of them in Japan, but I think you can purchase similar ones at daiso/shoppers/london drugs/holts. 

  1. These lashes have more lash concentration at the center of the eye. Therefore it is great for people who have flat, slit-like eyes that want to make it look more round.
  2. These ones have more chunky lashes at the outer corners so this will be great for people who want to elongate their eyes with a bit more funk!
  3. This is a basic criss-cross lashes that you can get from shu umemura (the luxe) and this gives ultimate volume. Looks great on EVERYBODY, so you can't go wrong with this one.
  4. Again this one has more lash density at the outer corners, hence your eyes will open up and make it look more elongated. The outer corners of your eyes will have more volume. Similar to 2. but this one doesn't have the chunky ends, instead it layers the criss-cross lashes to acheive the lash density(volume).
  5. This would be the mimic of natural lash; this is great for deeper set eyes to add a bit of volume.
  6. These guys are my favorite, this one looks great for Asian eyes, it has gaps in between so it makes your eyes open up  with lashes similar to dolls! put on some bottom lashes and you got yourself some doll eyes!
  7. This the same criss-cross lashes that will look the most natural, no one believes me when I say that, but you will be surprised. The criss-cross gives the most volume at the lash line without it looking fake. This particular one has more space in between the criss-cross so it will have the most natural of looks. Great for weddings and when you don't wear lots of eye shadow!
Hope those pointers will help you pick out the perfect pair of lashes!!! Let me know what is your fav pair of lashes!

Now here is a fun look I saw on a Japanese magazine and always wanted to try. I bought this eye tape that makes your double eyelids more defined, cool huh?

here is the lashes I used:

the tape I was talking about:

how the tape looks on the eyes open:

how the tape looks on the eyes closed: (looks so natural, it is unbelievable)

 starting the make-up: we are doing the slanted puppy dog eyes!

hence the lashes and liner going downwards:

now to make an illusion that the eyes are bigger by putting skin colored liner on the bottom water line and drawing a fake bottom lash line in black: (looks funny)


and the end result? since my eyes look bottom heavy, it makes me look very kind of sad! haha!

all for fun guys, I would never walk the streets of Vancouver in this, but in Japan many girls rock this look! and they do a WAY WAY better job than me. This look needs practice, time and patience!!!

"the only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in" 
~ Paris Hilton


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