Thursday, March 24, 2011

are your GORGEOUS heels KILLING YOU? I found a solution!

my feet are pulsating with PAIN as we speak! OH MY, DO THEY FRIGGIN HURT! 9 hrs of work on heels (make-up artist gig) and I forgot to bring a change of flats........ by the end of my shift it felt like I was walking on SHARDS of GLASS!!! my walk was like a mixture of waddling, tip-toeing and shuffling......come to think of it I musta looked REALLY strange........BUT hey, anything to relieve the pain....SERIOUSLY ladies, what we do for beauty............a whole new level of power I tell ya!  
but it was really unbearable.... AND THEN I WAS SAVED......THERE HE WAS.......
my savior, near the cash register at H & M for $15!
He was fold-able, rubber soled and cotton fabric soft!
YEUP you guessed it, they were ON-THE-GO-FLATS

as you can see, they are really bendy, so you can tuck them in a small pouch (that comes with the flats)
and throw them in your purse when you wear heels!!! SUPER handy-dandy!

when you put em on, you would NEVER guess they are a pair of $15 flats!

CUTE cute CUTE cute CUTE!!!

and off I went comfortably to the bus stop *SMILE*
but I actually first saw these at SHOPPERS DRUG MART, by Dr. Scholl`s, called "fast flats" and they look like this, it is slightly more expensive then the H & M ones but you can get a $2 off coupon on facebook page called "Dr. Scholl's for Her". They look like this:
They have a commercial that advertises these guys on their facebook page! and it is pretty convincing, you get suckered into it!
BUT you gotta admit they are not as cute as the H & M ones (oh ya I forgot to mention they have various patterns)

P.S. one question that came to mind after watching that ad clip was......after changing to "fast flats" where do you put your heels? HMMM...... what do you guys think?

"the ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success" ~ Henry Ward Beecher


  1. I saw that advertisement too, but never thought of getting a pair. $20 bucks for those seem a bit steep, but you're right, the H&M ones are WAY cuter... and cheaper!

    Hmmmmm, I would probably just hang on to my heels if I change into flats.... or if they are strappy, then strap them to my purse. haha

  2. I got mine from wish.list boutique on Broadway and they were $25. They were some private brand and man..they sucked balls. I used them in Vegas and they wear out after a couple wears.

    Let me know how these ones turn out!

  3. i got a pair too but it broke when I put my big feet right through it...

  4. Omg I was totally thinking the same thing when I saw the fast flats!? Where do you put your heels which are usually at least twice as much and prettier?? And I never bring a big ol' purse with me when I'm dancing like those girls in the commercial! Still a handy idea though. They have some cute ones in GAP too! But for like $40 :/

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. Love leopard print!! I killed for a vintage leopard printed Doc Martens *_*

    I follow you, I hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Brilliant!!! Do they have any in giraffe print...?


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