Saturday, March 26, 2011

modernized parachute pants = Harem pants?

I know, I know Harem pants have been around for a while now, and it had its big break last year.....but till recently I had called them modernized parachute pants...because it was obvious that the original template for these so called Harem pants were the parachute pants from the late 70's! but google saved me from potential embarrassment and taught me that it wasn't called that anymore.....getting back on topic!! I was super iffy on them for the longest time....a.) cause I'm a bit wide on the lower half of my body and I didn't want to accentuate the unflattering parts of myself and b.) last year when it first hit the stores in Canada, I was a bit chicken to start the trend reason stated in "a.)", even though it had already made its debut in asia and the states long ago. but I was totally in the closet about how much I loved these pants! how it pairs up with absolutely every colored blazer and with the right outfit, gives off this elegant look that I'm obsessed with! so since last year I have been going to many, many, MANY stores and trying on gazillion pairs of different shaped Harem BUT always had no just DID NOT WORK....AND JUST when I was going to GIVE UP.....couple days ago, I went into H & M and found one. I tried it on practically with my eyes closed and peaking through one eye to look at myself in the mirror....that was how nervous I was.....(all those failed attempts to find the perfect Harem pant had scared me)  BUT to my SURPRISE it didn't look too shabby, and for $30, I was SOLD! but after doing this shoot, maybe it was the pants or how it fit on me but I couldn't help but think, no matter how much they claim they modernized the style of these so called "Harem pants" I think in my mind it will always be parachute pants....... 

Nonetheless! I put together an outfit with these Harem Pants:

blazer: Smythe / top: Zara / freshwater pearls: gift from China / HAREM PANTS :) H & M / shoes: Luxury Rebel from holts / bag: miu miu

NOW my question IS, was it hard for you guys to find the perfect HAREM PANTS?

"to select well among old things, is almost equal to inventing new ones" ~ Nicholas Charles Trublet


  1. found my harlem pants at club monaco! =) thought i try it on and it was just perfect! <3

  2. I'm still iffy about these pants. I feel the same way about these: it's not flattering because I'm not super skinny or tall. But after seeing your pictures, maybe I will go try on a dozen too.

    Thanks :)

  3. I'm pretty sure they are called Harem pants...


    But I found mine from Atomic Model in Yaletown. I LOVE wearing them with a nice pair of pumps and a silk blouse. I find if you wear it with heels, it makes your ass looks 10x more delicious.

    And MIMI: YOU HAVE THE PERFECT BOD FOR IT! If I can pull it off, you can too!

  4. Do they sell Harems for men?

  5. love your blouse and bag!! great outfit and lovely photos <3

  6. love this outfit.. soft with a bit of edge. xo


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