Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The mod duo - fashion from L.A. and Japan

Hello my dear followers! I have recently been putting lots of time into my new collaboration blog with my best friend from Vancouver! Since we have gone separate ways to better out careers; me to Japan and her to L.A. To keep in touch we thought to create a blog that will give you guys a feed of the latest fashion trends from two of the biggest fashion spots in the world!!! On one website!!!! How awesome is that!

 So please please come check us out!!! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 I really like this outfit, well I like all my outfits, ha ha but this one in particular. Why? The skirt I'm wearing in this INSTAGRAM is one I got on my 24th birthday from my besties. it's a rather special but older piece in my wardrobe. I wore it a few times but I actually never found a top/shirt that went perfectly with it. This skirt has an intense pattern, so I used to pair it with a plain black top. BUT THIS black top has a tasteful stud collar! AND tho you can`t see it in this pic, a see-thru mesh pleated back, now THIS is Perfect!

I heart studs..... do you?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love instagram!

This being my third INSTAGRAM post I had to dedicate a post title as a sign of my gratitude, LEAST I can do; since it lets me create OUTFITS of the DAY pix in such style!
So here's the inspiration, THE SUN, hence the sunnies!

Japan's slowly starting to get warm. Emphasize on the "SLOWLY" I tell ya, ODD weather in Japan. It's like 25 degrees during the day and it drops to like 8 degrees at night!!!! bizarrooo 
so here's an outfit to please both sides of the weather temp. spectrum! 

Whattya think?? does it work?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Music - check, coffee - check. arm swag - double check and MY NEW ZARA JJJEEEAAANNS!

CONFESSION, I actually don`t own a pair of flat out classic blue jeans. My eyes don`t seem to go to them. I wouldn`t say I`m like this hardcore punk-rocker but I do like the leather on ripped jeans a la mode. BUT I never actually found a great pair of ripped SKINNY`s. I am very particular and since I don`t consider myself to have the best pair of legs. Aaaannddd being my own worst critic, I get pretty picky so when I found you....*tear* oh Zara, I love you.

so one became two...but here`s an OUTFIT OF THE DAY with my other pair!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

OUTFIT of the Dayyyyyyy! yay!

My recent happenings are not the greatest, I've actually been super sick. I haven't been this sick for this long in....NEVER! health is number one people... BUT I do got the whole sexy sick voice going on......AND had some time to work a bit on my blog. I finally got an iPhone in Japan and man, being iPhone-less for 8 months - I have been deprived of apps galore - especially the photography related ones. MmMMmmm! so here are some of those apps to work!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

relax with tea and some lavender nail polish!!

Waiting for nail polish to dry isn't really my cup of tea.......but it isssss when you are actually sippin' on a delicious cup of tea!!!
I dunno how you guys pass the time but what I like to do is boil up some hot water and have some delicious-rather fragrant cup of tea ready (to slightly cancel out the horrific nail polish fumes) so that once the top coats ON I can pour the hot water and let the tea brewwwwww....then kick back to a couple of flicks and....

before you know it, you get THIS: