Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oversized Tees on the sales rack! THAT is where it's AT!!

        Who doesn't like the sale rack/table at ur favori shop? actually it is a luv hate kinda thing, I know because for me at least I browse and on countless occasions I find myself luv'n sumthin, BUT it's a size or two or even THREE too big for me. *whimper* but I found this tee, that I couldn't let go and it dawned on me...uhh what are the trends these days? over-sized everything (tastefully! no frumpy business plz) and though this method (that I will show you now) won't apply for every style, it sure did in this case....and you ask why? 
take a look :

here we have a cute tee, that can easily match well with leggings or some skinnies

but did you know this tee is actually from:
and a size:

that's rite, I got an XL tee it in the sale rack for $10 at american eagle, who knew AE still had it!
but some key pointers to watch out for! you can't just get any ordinary not-ur-size-Tee! You can only get away with it IF it has a "V" neck, just cause then the attention goes there instead of the seaming on the shoulders that shows it ain't actually your size! (wear a cute bando if ur a bit busty, but if not the low cut "V" looks very euro-chic)
ALSO! try to find tees that have only design and no logos and minimal writing, best when it looks vintage and a bit rugged.


fedora: talula / top : AE and F21 sweater vest / jeggings: H&M / booties: one*way (japanese brand) / bag: balenciaga / bracelet: Jacob / sunnies: gucci

"fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions" ~ Coco Chanel


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