Tuesday, March 22, 2011

opposite colors? YAY or NAY?

grey eternity scarf : Japan / cashmere cardi : talula / silk top : holts / jeans : h&m / pumps: micheal kors / clutch : YSL / bangles : aldo

Being a student, I dress like a bum practically everyday, so it makes me happy dressing up over the weekend to go out, and esp. when it's starting to get warm outside, new outfits pop up in my head~!
SOoOOOo I wanted to make a new outfit without really buying anything new.....after some thought......
my first outfit inspiration came from my YSL clutch!
It is my fav color of all time, PURPLE
and what is the opposite color of purple?

and conveniently I have some yellow Micheal Kors pumps to go with it!

and so here it is, a simple outfit I put together! It is cute, warm and pretty casual!
but take the cardi off and u got urself a pretty chic, out-on-the-town on a saturday night outfit :)

"the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" ~ Walter Bagehot

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  1. I likey, never would think to put these two colours together, but it works! Too bad I don't have a YSL clutch... :(


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