Sunday, April 3, 2011

Devil wears PRADA.............IN PINK!

I got my inspiration from the movie "devil wears Prada".
 I swear after that movie, when the word Prada was mentioned you'd think of a sexy but devilish image (well the poster) and so I'm gonna defy that by an opposite image with softer colors and small detailing to make you look more angelic? K, that definitely was not the word to explain it, k maybe cute would be a better choice of words.
ANYWHO since PINK in all shades are classic spring colors, that steered my look into this direction.

love at first sight, my Prada

the color is a bit washed out, it is actually more of a creamy pink, hence the picture in the corner!

DETAIL in an outfit is what makes an outfit truly ORIGINAL

numero one: the PINK BOW in my hair! (F21 Japan)

numero two: my CUPCAKE necklace! (Betsy Johnson)

Accessories you can go crazy with and get away with it!
From the small details, a.k.a bow hair clip, cupcake necklace and floral tank the outfit isn't just a CUTE outfit but  cute-CHIC and with the Prada shoes, cute-chic-ELEGANT<3

cardi: silence and noise from Urban Outfitters / tank: talula 

numero three: LIP COLOR

Hey  make-up is an accessory too! so with this outfit here's some PINKs that goes! light for day and brighter for night!
I have super small, thin and pale lips so it is hard for me to pull off bright colors, even when I have simple eye make-up, hence my brightest pink ain't really that bright. Also I know there are many many MANY pinks out there so I say go explore, but heres what looks good on me!!(I put two sets of lighting)

Indoor lighting:

Outdoor lighting:

 and here are the lipstick/gloss brands:

bright ----- light

Lacome color fever #312 lipstick with Candy doll gloss(japan)
Lavshuca lipstick(japan) with Shu Uemura PK 33S gloss
Dior Addict High Shine #260 with Bourjois Max. 3D shine #62 gloss
YSL Rouge Volupte  #2 lipstick with Chantecaille Mirth gloss

When I wear lipstick, I hafta finish off with a lip gloss, its like the cherry on top, it just doesn't look the same without it!

TIP: if you want the TRUE color of the lipstick, get some concealer to take down your original lip color! I use a "lip concealer" but regular foundation or concealer will do!

I would love to hear what kinda detailing you do to your outfit!!!

"ideas are the beginning point of all fortunes" ~ Napoleon Hill


  1. Thank you so much my love to leave such a cute comment on my blog! Means a lot to me! :-)
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    Kisses Julia

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this bow in your hair and the shoes are adorable! I'm following you now :)


  3. Omg those shoes are too adorable, and Prada too? It would totally break my bank! lol but they're too lovely to say now to =) Oh I know what you mean about pairing lipstick with a gloss, it's a must because, for me if it's not then it just goes on a bit dry and dull looking, I love the gloss on top! But on my lazy days where I don't want to bother with the whole combination I just use a liptint and it works wonders =)

  4. Aw, I love all of the pink tones in this! And your cupcake necklace is so cute. :)



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