Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today, I'd like to take the time to say THANK YOU!!! for the great people in my life that have helped support my blog! I LOVE YOU ALL!

some shout outs:
to my logo designer, you are miss talent.
the beautiful gal that bought me my first camera tripod
my mom for getting me funky clothes from Japan so I can use it on my blog (which I haven't used yet, because they are beyond out-there that I can't seem to put an outfit together....but mom I love you for it)
all the followers, "likes" and comments - you know who you are!!!!
Last but definitely not the least, all the bloggers out there that give me inspiration and fuel my ambition!

Cheers guys!

PS. I have a new blog page coming with some great new ideas, so stay tuned! It will be up and running but the end of this month! (hint: I'm moving to another country!!)


  1. Such a sweet post! =) New follower. Hope you follow back.


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  2. Hello Mio!!! Wow what an inspiring appreciation post! I think it's super sweet of you to be saying thank yous to everyone around you! =DDD

    Have you been able to have a chance to do tea at the fairmont yet? I still need to use my second coupon hahaha hope I get to do that soon! Wow you can make takotaki from scratch?! That's madness!!! I know that they sold the machine for home use but I would have no idea how to make the batter etc.! hahaha maybe you should set up a stand at the night market LOL I love extra okonomiyaki sauce on mines!


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