Saturday, June 18, 2011

STAY! not Fade AWAY~!

a very frequent question I was asked throughout my make-up counter career was this:


the answer? just prime'n spray, with urban decay!!! (wow it rhymes!)

to prime the eyes:

this product is great for oily eye-lids and lets face it, eye-shadow creasing on the eye-lids look pretty nasty.......with this product, I can go from work to dinner and clubbing without touching up my eye area! dead serious! 
how to use? 
just smooth it over the eye-lids up to your brow bone and just on the corners of your eyes, or anywhere you put eye shadow!! It prevents smudges too!

and finish with this spray:

this is the miracle worker: it keeps your make-up lasting on FOREVER!~!! amazing stuff! It does this thing where your skin looks amazing... especially when you take pictures, it looks like you've been photoshoped!

here is proof! there is no photoshop done! if I may say so, I'd say my skin looks pretty darn good!

Urban Decay is definitely a brand that doesn't get enough attention, not because they are bad products but I believe that their packaging and how they market themselves really limits their clientele. The whole potion idea and odd names of their products makes them sound gimmicky! ANYWAY putting that aside, I have used many MANY eye primers because it is a pet peeve of mine to see eye-shadow creasing......and urban decay is down right the best one.
PLUS the majority of make-up lesson video's on YOUTUBE use urban decay eye primer as their number one choice. SO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!
It is only $22 cdn at sephora



  1. Do people really avoid Urban Decay because of the gimmicky names? Huh, I love their stuff. Never found a better eyeliner brand.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I've never tried eyeshadow primer before, but I'm going to put this one on my shopping list! Does it also improve the colour of eyeshadow? And yes, your skin looks so perfect!

    I love your blog, so I'll be following ^^

  3. OMG!! I need that urban decay spray! I've always seen it at sephora and wanted to buy it but Im soooo cheap with makeup (and almost everything else) nowadays I've never gotten around to getting it but your un-photo shopped photo has persuaded me!! Your skin looks flawless!!!! Though Im sure it's like that naturally too!


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