Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tokyo and Back!

Over the weekend plus a few days, I hopped onto a train to Tokyo!
I met with my friend who flew in from Vancouver and we had such a wonderful time shopping!

In Japan we don't really have boxing day but we do have a bargain sale period that happens during the month of January.
Boxing day in North America is no longer a big deal; the sale mark downs aren't very impressive.........taking $5 off won't even cover the tax for pete sakes.....

BUT JAPAN on the other hand, KNOWS HOW TO DO A SALE!!!!!!!!

Here is a purchase that I had to share!

JILL STUART flats 70% off 
yup, thhaattsss riiittteee!!!!
beautiful hey? the style is pretty basic but the colour and design just make it magical!!!
can't wait to blog an outfit!

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