Tuesday, May 24, 2011

just when the guilt set in from too much chocolate......

Today I was shopping for groceries at Walmart and browsed around the whole store...plus I just think every place has potential for inspiration, as I trotted along the undergarment area I came across some body shapers.
Then the image of my dress for my friends engagement party came to mind... and a body shaper was a must.......
It was only Walmart and the variety of these body shapers was crazy!! SOOO MANY! I know I know, I should go to an actual lingerie boutique, but I thought this would be a good trial one, I mean who can say no to $16 rite?
So I got the one that best suited my needs, tuck in the tummie and the muffin top! So here it is girlies!
the result?AMAZING! 

not very flattering huh? but BOY DO THEY WORK!
until that day when I magically lose 10lbs, these will do!

next post will be me wearing them, so stay tuned!
do you know any other great body shapers?


  1. The only "body shapers" I know about are corsets! But you can't wear those under modern clothes, haha. This looks like a good choice, though. Looking forward to your pictures.

  2. you should try victoria's secret shape wear, it really works! :)

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