Monday, May 30, 2011

after the tears and laughter!

Over the weekend the bridesmaid's and I put together a party for the bride-to-be. Its been a while since any of us actually put some time into organizing a party or even going out for that matter. So not only was this my bestfriend's special day but it was more than just another night out on the town!!Other than our horrible service at the reso, everything fell into place and the bride-to-be had a fabulous time....

To prep for this party lotsa creativity and DIY was involved, and thought I'd share it cause it turned out absolutely amazing!!!

First for the table settings, we thought to give it an extra touch with some decor, and I got thinking of some thrifty ways to make a simple yet elegant table setting and here it is:

I started with some faux flowers  ($1 for 6 stems at Walmart)

Then took some Krylon gold spray paint and sprayed the flowers (from Walmart as well)

To match the napkins! (napkins from Zellers)

popped the flowers off the stem, stuck a plastic pearl bead in the middle and put some gold nail polish on the rims of the petals and VOLA!
(this is just a mock)

I also got the idea to make a head piece for my outfit that night!

Now for the fun stuff. The outfits for the night!
some photos with my besties <3

 dresses starting from left to right :  RW&Co. and both from BCBG. 
(I wish I got better pic of my hair that night!! but I will do it again and post soon!)

I love dressing up!!!!
this night my look was inspired by Blair from Gossip Girl.....
this is the BCBG dress I got that I felt was very Blair-esque, do you agree?


  1. AMAZING CREATIVITY WITH THE FLOWERS. It really makes me excited to see that something so affordable can transform to something to classy and ritzy looking. Not everything has to be super pricey and expensive to look spectacular! Btw your up do looked BEAUTIFUl with the hand made accessory. You really are talented mio.


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