Tuesday, February 7, 2012

happy 4 year anniversary my darling BALENCIAGA

I gotta admit, It wasn't love at first sight, but it didn't take long for me to fall MADLY in love with you.....once you became mine, we were inseparable.
YES I am talking about my BALENCIAGA city bag.
I think my baby turned 4 this year and in honour of how amazing she has treated me I have decided to do a "what's in my purse?" post.
First I'd like to share my history with my dear purse. I've taken it with me around the world, well not really but enough places like L.A., Japan and even Mexico! It is the perfect size for almost any occasion and it has withstood unbearable heat, to blazing coldness and even rainfalls! It hasn't shown one bit of wear-and-tear! This purse is a survivor and it actually still looks pretty new to this day.......navy blue is just as royal as the day I got it. Ladies, I think EVERY girl should have a BALENCIAGA bag......it is durable, fashionable without it being too flashy or pretentious! It can be paired with a casual look or even a dressy one! This bag is why the word investment was made...well that's a bit extreme but still, it should at least be ONE of the reasons!

ANYWAYS! I could go on forever...it's the sales-associate in me........but back to the "what's inside my purse" tag! I think a girl's purse can say a great deal about them, that being said; here is ME<3

starting from the left:

  • I-Pod NANO life is one grand sweet song, so start the music!
  • Prada Wallet - I gotta keep enough lettuce to support my shoe fetish <3
  • Louie bus pass holder - to get from A to B
  • Minimouse make-up pouch that has:

    shiseido compact powder foundation
    - amazing coverage without the cakiness~!
    YSL touche eclat - need I say more?
    MAC liquid last liner - it withstands hot yoga...no joke~!
    Dior Addict highshine lipstick - kiss of pink
    Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eyepencil in "stash" (a.k.a olive green) - Urban decay pencil liners are the best hands down! they last forever and come in such a wide range of colors!
    eye drops - grr dry contactsss
    bath and body works sanitizer - to keep the germies away
  • 2012 new and improved Agenda - ya..my memory is not my strong suit, gotta jot dat sh$*t down!
  • my small pencil case - to make the above happen.
  • Jill Stuart Hand Cream - smelling delicious doesn't hurt ! 
thanks for reading! Now tell me what is in YOUR purse!


  1. Hmmmm, lemme see:

    A bunch of old receipts
    A pencil
    Candy wrappers
    Pack of gum
    Some melted chocolate residue (mio helped me wipe off most of it last time she helped clean my purse cause it was driving her crazy)
    A bunch of bills
    A cheque book to pay those bills
    My prada wallet/card holder that mio got for my bday.
    Loose change
    Two tampons
    And a pen!!!

  2. This is such a cute and sweet article!

  3. Hi Miss Mio!!!!! Miss u girl and I love this idea of purse sharing......my fav purse is my black leather Gucci Bucket hobo bag. I take it EVERYWHERE and it still looks new.

    Prada wallet (must b a holt renfrew thing lol)
    day planner
    white Blackberry
    J.D Robb murder mystery book
    pink Hermes beauty bag with: Milky Candies
    YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick #8
    Laura Mercier Gloss Bare Pink
    Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
    2 tampons
    Lancome Le Lipstique liner "Natural Mauve"
    and some Queen Baby hoop earrings

    Can you also let me know what your fav Japanese makeup products/brands are pretty please??

    1. Tarah!!!!
      thnx so much for your comment :) miss you too, I miss Vancouver man.
      I see all the action you've been stirrin up in Van! luv it, you should start a blog too man! You have got so much advice and such great tips!

      I didn't know you splurged on a gucci hobo! gawsh...bagssss I miss the discount...*drool*

      so in Japan, I think my best buy so far is their foundations. the number one ranked foundation is called RMK, I gotta hand it to you babe, it beats armani by a mile! It is so light weight and it doesn't use silicone and yet it stays and gives coverage without the heaviness !!! it is heavenly! it even withstands the humid summers! (remember those Tarah?)

      Also the brand CanMake it's like a drugstore brand, but the blush and eyebrow gel is amazing! I wish we could shop for makeup together...gawsh that would be so much fun..we'd come outta the store broke. lol


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